TCM Services

Development of Support Planning, Monitoring and Follow-up

Your TCM will work with you to develop a Person-Centered Support Plan for a preferred lifestyle, and continually monitor and follow up to ensure that it’s being accurately delivered.


Interviews with you and members of your team help ensure your satisfaction and determine if programs are meeting your needs. Referral and other related activities: TCMs work beyond the KETCH organization to help arrange services and advocate for you in your community.

Funding Assistance

TCMs help you navigate and secure Social Security benefits, food stamps, Medicaid and more.


Your Targeted Case Manager monitors all programs you are involved with to ensure your safety and may visit your home, day program or work area and address safety issues with you and your team.

Targeted Case Manager Expertise

To best meet each person’s needs, our TCMs are required to have a bachelor’s degree in the human services field, prior experience working in the human services field, in addition to First Aid, CPR, and other health and safety training. Case Management certification is maintained through ongoing training, assessments and adherence to ethical standards.

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