Beyond Basic Needs

In 1962, if your adult child had disabilities, their windows of opportunity were small and narrow: the light of possibility and a meaningful future challenged to break through. But a group of parents decided they wanted more for their children. When institutionalization was the only option, they broke down barriers and created better options. They opened a training center that originally served just 9 men but made a profound difference.

Two years later, the Kansas Elks Association adopted the center as its major philanthropic project, and from there it rapidly blossomed. Today, KETCH has provided more than 30,000 people with a broad range of opportunities and access to that thing which is perhaps our most basic human need of all: hope.

Everyone is important.

Our Mission

To promote independence for persons with disabilities through innovative learning experiences that support individuals’ choices for working, living, and playing in their community.

Code of Ethics

1. Service Delivery
“Good enough” is not good enough.
2. Treatment of Community Members
Everyone is important.
3. Nurture and improve the legacy left to us by others
KETCH belongs to us.
4. Professional Responsibilities
We lead by example.
5. Human Resources
Work should be rewarding and fun.
6. Business Practices
Good stewardship makes good sense.
7. Marketing
Openness and honesty are best practice.

Leading By Example

What We Do Join In