For reliable fulfillment services such as assembly, packaging, mailing services, and product refurbishment, businesses have been turning to KETCH for more than 50 years. We provide high-quality services at competitive prices to a variety of industries including: government, education, commercial businesses, and medical and industrial customers.

Assembly Services

Simple hand-assembly of a wide variety of products is a common task at KETCH, and is often a cost savings to business over buying expensive machinery. Our capable and hard-working employees can often provide quicker turnaround than even in-house efforts, and we’re also able to build custom jigs and fixtures.

Packaging / Repackaging Services

When you need bulk products repackaged into smaller packages or sorted into variety packs and then distributed to your stores or customers, we can do it.

Product Refurbishing

Small parts refurbishing and parts polishing are also services our team can tackle for you.

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